IPX-469 Aphrodisiac massage for women

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Momo was injured while practicing for the cheerleading squad. Her boyfriend was very worried about her so he introduced her to a massage facility run by a senior who was very famous for its physical therapy. However, that senior was extremely evil. He gave Momo stimulants and sleeping pills. After she fell asleep, he played tricks on her and recorded a video. He used the video to threaten Momo to make her satisfy his sexual needs, in exchange he would delete the video. Momo's body becomes increasingly sensitive after returning from "massage" sessions. She always craves sex but her boyfriend always goes to bed early and leaves her unable to sleep due to his arousal. She ran out of options so she had to call the masseuse she hated. Although her mouth said so, in her heart she was conquered by the skill and pleasure of making love with him, something her boyfriend could not give her...

IPX-469 Aphrodisiac massage for women

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